FIT55 Street LED Lighting

FIT55 Street LED Lighting

Introducing the FIT 55 Street LED Lighting by Palazzoli

Intelligent, Adaptive, Efficient and Sturdy – these are the features for smart lighting in the cities of the future, providing light only where and when it is needed.

FIT 55 has the maximum efficiency with the smart roadway lighting.
–¬†Optics for every need.
– The pluses.
– Smart control systems.
– Material durability and ease of use.


Available in two sizes:

Size S – with dimensions of 330x390x78 mm, power up to 85 W, and luminous fluxes up to 12000 lm, suitable for secondary roads, car parks, cycle paths and pedestrian crossings.
Size M Р with dimensions of 330x553x78 mm, power up to 209 W, and luminous fluxes up to 30000 lm, suitable for main roads and motorways.

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